Arno G. Zanetti SPL Partner - Tax advisory and trust servicesArno G. Zanetti,
SPL Partner - Tax advisory and trust services

Owner of the trust company Zanetti-Treuhand in Lachen, Canton Schwyz. The company is specialised in providing tax advisory services for individuals and corporates (SME and limited companies). In addition the company provides accounting services and in particular for salary administration. Compliance Services (KYC, UK-Taxation Agreement, FATF, Basel III, etc.) are provided for Banks and Asset Management Companies. As a member of the Institute of Certified Accountants and Tax Consultants in Switzerland, we also provide audit services for selected SME’s and Limited companies. He is member of the Board of Directors of "Neue Helvetische Bank" in Zurich. In his previous position, he was partner at KPMG, specialised in the Financial Services Division and provided audit, consulting and trust services for international banks operating in Switzerland and abroad.



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