Evaluation and Due Diligence
We offer specialized services for the evaluation and due diligence phase of a company. This includes in-house expertise as well as support from our network of external experts for your project.If necessary, we can assist with any modifications and an overall review of the plausibility of your project. Our network of international institutions provides the basis for market analysis and the implementation of your product strategy in the increasingly competitive environment of today’s market place.

We carefully analyze the financial projections - again both, through our internal  and external resources, depending on the project. For small and medium enterprises needing financing, we tend to provide the financing by ourselves. For larger projects, we rely on our long standing partners and international financial institutions. Given this network, we are able to provide financing from the stage of Angel Investors up to a scheduled public offerings / IPO’s which will be accompanied by ourselves and our partners.

Before introducing a project or a company to the market for the necessary financing, an overall marketing strategy and high level documentation is necessary to ensure successful financing. Our team assists you to develop your strategy and ensure this provides the best possible access to the target market. Throughout the whole process, including finding the right partners and a professional sales organization, we remain at your side as long as  needed.



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